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Bug bites are very common, especially in the summer months. In most cases, the only results are minor swelling and itching, which can be treated easily at home. However, it is possible for more serious complications to develop.
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Bug Bite Pics
Bed Bug Bites Pictures

Bugs Bites PicturesBug Bites Pictures

I dont know what bit him Not bed bugs, could find no mosquito, no known allergies, "bites" are growing. About 20 - 30 all together.


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ilania says:    

your picthers helped me figure out what i have by my lip.thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Carolyn says:

What type of bug bite is this?

leiann campbell says:

my babysitter has this what is it

Lee Wenzel says:

the best treatment for bites is to douse it with betadine (iodine) and then place Charcoal mixed with olive oil on a bandaid to place over the bite. Charcoal absorbs the poison or toxin that is injected into the skin and prevents further infection from itching or scratching.

ilania says:

your picthers helped me figure out what i have by my lip.thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angelica Araujo says:

On this web page ,picture #3 says "Bug Bites" but doesn't say what type of "Bug".. Would there be any knowledge of what type of bug bit the man in picture #3!!!

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